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Get behind-the-scenes looks, tutorials, and other great benefits by supporting JT on Patreon!

In a past time magicians made the bulk of their bread from live performances. But times, they are a-changin'. A big part of magic nowadays is being able to create tricks for the camera, making tutorials, and doing other things to acquire support online. This is especially true during Covid-19, when live gigs are much harder to come by (and even harder to safely navigate once booked).

My Patreon is my primary way of giving magic fans the content they want while putting some food on my table. 

Below are the various tiers of support on my Patreon and what I provide on a monthly basis for each. Time permitting each month, I have been known to toss out extra training sessions and such, but I will always fulfill the bare minimum.

Please consider lending me your support.

Patreon: Clients


$1 per month

Even a dollar helps me keep the lights on (or buy another practice deck). It's not even the dollar, really - it's that you took the time to sign up and support me. That message is sent loud and clear and I'm very grateful.

At this tier I will shout you out at the end of any youtube videos I publish. You will also get access to any blog posts about magic, any practice videos I think would be informative, performance videos of any new tricks I come up with, early access to many performance videos, and a crisp, digital high five.


$5 per month

Again, just the fact that you took the time to sign up to support me means the world. However, mathematically it means 5x more than all the $1 plebs. :P

Just kidding, I'm grateful for all of you. Yet, mo' money, mo' perks.

Aside from all the stuff in the $1 tier, you all will get tutorials not only for every new move I pick up, but for all new magic I come up with.


$10 per month

If you're like me, spending even $10 is a nail-biting experience. I'm flattered beyond words.

You get all the stuff from the previous tiers, plus up to one time per month I will record a special trick for you or a loved one and send you the video.


$25 per month

What a paradox. I love my craft and I think I'm good at it, but at the same time that emotional part of my brain won't permit me to think I deserve it.

However, bills cannot be paid in humility, hence this tier's existence.

You get all the previous tiers and, up to once per month, I will do a 15 minute coaching session with you to help you with a trick or move.


$50 per month

If you can toss out half a C-note every month then you were clearly trying to get Hamilton tickets and arrived at my Patreon by mistake.

But since you're here...WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE A CARD TRICK???

You get everything in previous tiers, up to a thirty minute coaching session each month, and once-per-month you may submit a description for a trick you wish existed and I will do everything in my power to create a method.


$100 per month

This tier pretty much exists so that I have a nice even number...or in case Jeff Bezos stumbles upon my Patreon and enjoys magic.

What do you want? Shirtless pics? My first-born child? For $100 a month you can have my first-born child.

You get all the other stuff from other tiers and my first-born child.

For real though, you get my gratitude and anything I can think of that isn't present in the other tiers. I'll send you pictures of me wide-eyed and blushing if anybody decides supporting me for $100 per month is worth it.

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