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A Beautiful Interaction

I got my first $100/month Patron tonight.

I messaged them to say that I'm not ACTUALLY willing to do the things people usually have to do for THAT kind of money, but that I'll do my best.

She wrote back that she's not really into magic, but has followed me for years, since my days as a political writer, and likes who I am and wants to support me (and has the money to burn).

She then said, "Maybe one day you can go to where there are sick kids and cheer them up."

Well, I do NOT take that type of support lightly.

I told her I know a doctor at KU Med and that I will contact him to see if this can be arranged. I just messaged him to see if there is sufficient interest anywhere he knows with sick kids. I told him I'm down to do a few free shows per year on account of this Patron.

If any of you have such connections, I do not take this kind of support lightly. Help me make good on it and square the cosmic ledger.

Magic tends to make beautiful things happen, even if it has nothing to do with cards.

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