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A Fun Performance At Valley Park Elementary School

What a blast! I actually created a whole new opening routine for this gig that I'll try to post in the coming days.

There were so many highlights, but a few include...

I improvised an ambitious card routine for a young girl and gave her the card to take home as a souvenir. She lit up like the sun.

At the end another student was asking where they could see more of my magic. As I was giving out my Instagram info I heard a voice yell "JTEBERHARD.COM!!" It was a boy I had performed for at another gig who had been going to my site to see all my new stuff.

Another student approached me at the end of my last performance and handed me a folded up sheet of paper:

Ivan, it was my pleasure. I've often said I've never met an audience member, no matter how enthusiastic, who got more out of a performance than I did. This is the best job and I love sharing magic with people.

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