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Permanent gig and some street magic

Howdy, all! Here's a few updates and some magic.

First, I recently competed for a paid entertainer position with Missie B's, a local bar...and your boy got in! I'll be joining the cast on Thursday nights starting in August.

Second, I teamed up with AJ Stouse last night to do some street magic downtown for First Friday. AJ is just breaking into the scene and has a killer trick for sale on Theory11 called "Ring Wraith." Check it out.

Anyway, here I am doing some two-card monte with a passer-by.

If you like that trick and would like to learn how to do it (it's just a normal deck of cards, no gimmicks or duplicates), check out my Patreon where I post tutorials and tricks. You can even join my Discord from there and get one-on-one coaching for your card sleights. :)

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