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Tri-montly Patreon Ask

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there. Have you considered supporting me on Patreon?

I'd like to give you some examples of what you can get by doing so.

At every tier you get access to behind-the-scenes looks at what I'm doing as well as first look at any new magic I create. For instance, I recently performed at Valley Park Elementary here in Kansas City. For that gig I concocted a new opening and Patreon is the only place I've shared it ('til now, I guess).

I also post tutorials for many of the things I do. If you follow my Instagram you know that this month I'm doing the 30 card controls in 30 days challenge. Well, my Patrons get to know how I do them:

There are also things you can claim at particular tiers of support. At the $10/month tier once per month I will record a special performance for you or someone in your life and send it to you.

We also have the JTEMagic Discord where, if I'm free, I'm happy to give aspiring magicians a pointer or two. However, at the $25 tier you are guaranteed a one-on-one coaching session each month.

At $50/month you can describe a trick to me once per month and I will break my brain trying to invent the method for you.

At $100 is gets kinda murky. If you can drop that money what can I give you that you need? A crisp high five? But I will tell you a happy story. My first $100 Patron asked me to find a way to do magic for people who can't afford it for free. This resulted in me volunteering to perform for free in her name at local children's wards in hospitals.

So we'll figure something out. :)

Switching careers is a scary thing, especially into performing. I'm so grateful to my Patrons for all their support. If you'd like to join them, swing on over to my Patreon and join the fun. :)

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