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"JT’s magic is top of the line. His sleight of hand is that of a master level. Book him now.”

Stefon Barksdale
Professional Magician - Virginia Beach, VA


"JT's love for magic is infectious. Paired with his amiable personality, his imagination and creativity with a deck of cards will astound and delight audiences young and old."

Brian Connor

Magician - San Carlos, CA
(Brian is the creator of Big Brother,

a popular effect available at

Lost Art Magic)


"I'm stunned every time I watch JT perform. Whether on a stage in front of hundreds or one-on-one, there's infectious joy, sweet humor and a dedication to making the audience love his performance as much as he does.

What he can do with a deck of cards is staggering - but that's just the beginning."

Matt Dillahunty
Magician, Lecturer - Austin, TX


"JT we love your magic skills and your unique, natural sense of comedy. Your energy, enthusiasm, talent, confidence, and all around attitude never stops impressing us."

Leatha LaGuardia
Manager at USToy Magic Shop - Kansas City

Adam Brown.jpg

"JT makes you think magic is real. The way he makes cards appear and disappear will make you question your own vision and sense of what you thought was possible. Once I stopped trying to figure it out and just gave in to talent I was watching, I couldn't help but smile and stand in awe. JT is special. Watching him perform makes you feel special too."

Adam Brown
Artist / Designer - Kansas City


“He’s OK."

JT's Girlfriend - Kansas City

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